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Mohs Micrographic Surgery in Naples and Fort Myers Florida

Sunbathing with baby oil in Naples and Fort Myers Florida is a thing of the past but for those sunbathers that used to enjoy the sun this way, they have legacies that live on as they are now the new generation of skin cancer patients. Fortunately, as the years have gone by, technology within the health field has drastically improved allowing Harris Dermatology and other doctors the needed tools to remove skin cancer. The procedure is called Mohs micrographic surgery. Read about how Harris Dermatology is leading the way in Naples and Fort Myers with Mohs Surgery. The days of removing suspicious spots and having huge scars left behind are gone. Harris Dermatology prefers Mohs micrographic surgery as it is the only skin cancer removal technique with the highest reported cure rate.

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At Harris Dermatology, Mohs skin cancer surgery is performed by a trained Mohs surgeon who examines the hidden roots of skin cancer so all cancer cells are removed during one visit. Learn more about how to keep your skin healthy with Mohs skin cancer surgery.

Why is micrographic Mohs surgery the best option for you? Simply put, during a Mohs procedure, a Mohs surgeon takes the smallest incision possible because only microscopic examinations of affected tissue layers are needed. Then while you wait in our comfortable Mohs skin cancer surgery waiting area, the Mohs surgeon uses a microscope to determine whether more layers need removal. The Mohs dermatology technique leaves little scarring and preserves the maximum amount of healthy skin.

Another exciting benefit of having Harris Dermatology perform your Mohs surgery is that all Mohs procedures are conducted in our dedicated Mohs skin cancer surgery suite. In addition, most insurance policies cover Mohs skin cancer surgery.

Mohs micrographic surgery is recommended for skin cancers that have recurred or are at a high risk for recurrence. Mohs surgery is also often used for cancers in areas like the face, ears, or hands where preserving tissue is necessary for functional or cosmetic purposes. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with a trained Mohs surgeon.

In Southwest Florida, Harris Dermatology focuses on providing the best in skin cancer care and Mohs dermatology. We have a family of doctors with over 30 years combined experience in skin cancer prevention, care and surgery. Together, these brothers bring several levels of expertise to the needs of skin cancer patients and Mohs skin cancer surgery candidates.

At Harris Dermatology, our physicians and staff are committed to providing quality care, In fact, we work with several dermatologists in the area performing Mohs surgery on their patients. Learn how a relationship with Harris Dermatology can help prevent skin cancer. you can more about Harris Dermatology or contact us for an appointment.

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